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Go Ahead... I'm Listening!

Go Ahead... I'm Listening!

Here’s a quick quiz – do you remember the name of that popular TV comedy about a talkback radio psychiatrist who always told his callers; ‘go ahead… I’m listening’.

If you said ‘Frasier’ – bingo you got it right. Of course – on the TV show Frasier didn’t do as much listening as he should have and inevitably had to sort out various misunderstandings. 

That won’t ever happen with your vet (or if it does let us know!) 

Your vet and all the vet technicians and nurses at that practice are all highly trained veterinary professionals whose sole aim is to listen to your concerns and keep your pet as happy and healthy as possible for as long as possible. 

So when they say – ‘go ahead – I’m listening’ – they really mean it.

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