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Latest Pet & Animal News - 13th Feb 2016 with Kaye Browne

Latest Pet & Animal News - 13th Feb 2016 with Kaye Browne

This week...
* Smallest Animal Kills More People
* Smart Dogs Live Longer
* Aussie Good Samaratins Re-unite Man & His Dog

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* Smallest Animal Kills More People

 Mosquitoes Kill More Humans Than Any Other Animal  



A new study published in Scientific Reports claims to have found the true villains when it comes to animal attacks on humans and the results might surprise you.

The researchers - led by Vincenzo Penteriani of the Spanish Council for Scientific Research in Spain says their results show that while LARGE animal attacks grab the headlines they’re actually quite rare compared to deaths caused by other wildlife.

The team also says at least half of all the large animal attacks on people are actually caused by the victims undertaking risky behaviour!

Senor Penteriani also points the finger at media for exaggerating stories which increases fear and negative attitudes against wildlife.

So which animals are the deadliest? bears, wolves, coyotes and cougars… ? Nope, none of those – mosquitoes caused more human deaths, followed by humans and then snakes.


* Smart Dogs Live Longer

Smart Dog!      


British scientists have come up with a new way to measure the likely life span of your dog – based on its problem solving abilities.

Apparently there’s a small but measurable tendency for people who are smarter to be healthier and to live longer… and that’s despite some of them having bad habits like smoking, alcohol or drug abuse.

Dr. Rosalind Arden, one of the researchers said because canine intelligence is similar to ours, and they don’t smoke or drink or take drugs, measuring dogs IQ will help Veterinarians and doctors understand the link between health and IQ and the reason why some dogs and only some people get dementia.

In the study 68 Border Collies had to work out which plate of 2 had the most food, how to reach food behind barriers – those that did well in one test invariably did well in the others indicating higher intelligence.


* Aussie Good Samaratins Re-unite Man & His Dog

Back Together Again

Source: The Daily Telegraph 

And a feel good story closer to home… Sydney in fact… where a group of strangers have banded together to save the life of a homeless man’s only companion, his dog.

Peter Wilson and his dog Minnie were a familiar sight to office workers around Sydney Central station for four years but when Peter fell unconscious and rushed to hospital, Minnie was left behind and later taken to a pound.

When Peter awoke – he discharged himself to look for his adored Jack Russell Terrier but couldn’t find her.
That’s when a lovely lady by the name of Ting Kula, who’d previously donated money to help Peter travel to see his dying father, decided she and her work mates needed to help.

They tracked down Minnie, paid the $330 pound fees plus organised vaccinations and vet care.

A very grateful Peter is back with his pooch, still sleeping rough while he waits for a housing commission home… and amazed by the generosity of strangers.

Original story & photos The Daily Telegraph



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