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Latest Pet & Animal News - 16th Jan 2016 with Kaye Browne

Latest Pet & Animal News - 16th Jan 2016 with Kaye Browne

This week...
* Do dogs really know how we feel?

* Vets & nurses in VIC & WA praised for bushfire work with animals
* No more surgery for routine de-sexing?
* Love or Lust? - Kangaroo has Twitter in a twist!

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Do dogs really know how we feel?

 Puppy Love  


The big news is that scientists have now proved what we dog lovers have always suspected - dogs really can tell how we’re feeling – be it happy or sad or in between.

The teams from Lincoln Uni in the UK and a Brazilian Uni tested 17 dogs by showing them photos of either a human or a dog displaying either a happy face or an angry face and then played a happy or sad voice or bark.

The dogs – who weren’t trained in any way, and who didn’t know the humans or dogs they were looking at – spent much longer looking at the face that matched the audio… 

Kaye chats with radio 2GB about this story


Vets & nurses in VIC & WA praised for bushfire work with animals

Photo: (c)DELWP


Veterinarians and nurses in Victoria and WA are being praised for their round-the-clock efforts in caring for wildlife and pets injured in two recent bushfires.

Plus in WA, generous locals also came up with the idea of Magic Buckets – each containing some immediate medical supplies, dog food, cat food, water, and a small bag of different grains for birds or kangaroos.

They were being left around the town of Yarloop to ensure any animals found would immediately have care.


No more surgery for routine de-sexing?

CSU researchers Dr Allan Gunn (left) and Associate Professor Scott Norman and Cardigan Corgi pups involved in the clinical trial of the vaccine.

Photo: (c) Daily Advertiser

Wagga Wagga’s Charles Sturt University is appealing for people with puppies to help them with a research project which could eliminate the need for surgery when de-sexing domestic animals.

The trial involves each puppy being given a single injection which would prevent them reaching sexual maturity…after which the puppies progress would be followed for two years.

They need 20 new-born puppies to complete the clinical trials.

Contact (02)6933 2711.

Love or Lust? - Kangaroo has Twitter in a twist!

Love or Lust?

A heart-wrenching photo which went viral on the Internet showing what appeared to be a kangaroo hugging a mother roo – has proven to be anything but.

This photo (left) has inspired scores of Facebookers to post comments about the love lost scene – however… Dr Mark Eldridge, the Principal Research Scientist of Terrestrial Vertebrates at the Australian Museum Research Institute says the photo isn’t what it seems.

In his opinion it shows not love lost, but rather love lust with the male kangaroo attempting to lift the female in order to produce more joeys.

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