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Latest Pet & Animal News - 20th Feb 2016 with Kaye Browne

Latest Pet & Animal News - 20th Feb 2016 with Kaye Browne

This week...
* Smarter Than The Average Dog
* Human Animal Bond Deeper Than First Thought
* What Goes'Round Comes 'Round!

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* Smarter Than The Average Dog!

 Mosquitoes Kill More Humans Than Any Other Animal  




So which animals are the deadliest? bears, wolves, coyotes and cougars… ? Nope, none of those – mosquitoes caused more human deaths, followed by humans and then snakes.

The scientific world has come up with yet another way to predict how smart your dog is – and even how to make them smarter.

Apparently – it comes down to how long your dog will wait for a treat.

Researchers from Vienna’s Veterinary University were surprised to find that dogs which allowed emotion or impatience to affect their self-control were dramatically less successful in solving problems.

Their study, published in the PLOS journal found that the most patient dogs were better at problem solving and that this ability is partly inherited and partly due to environmental influences such as training.

However – researchers say that even with practice, dogs weren’t able to show an ability to use skills learnt in an earlier challenge to solve a slightly different problem.


* Human Animal Bond Deeper Than First Thought

Human Animal Bond Is Strong      

Photo: Deerum Animal Hospital

If you’ve ever doubted that the bond between humans and dogs is more than skin deep – doubt no more.

Another study, about to be published in the Journal Physiology and Behavior has used saliva tests to prove that dogs subconsciously connect to their owners. How? By synchronising their hormones.

The Nebraska University team measured cortisol levels in 58 dogs and their owners before and after Agility competitions.

Their results showed each dog’s cortisol mirrored his or her humans.

Researchers who’ve measured synchronised oxytocin levels in happy pet and pet-owner pairs, believe it’s highly likely cats and horses can also pick up on their owner’s emotional state and alter their hormones to match too…

Watch out for more studies on that in the near future.



* Aussie Good Samaratins Re-unite Man & His Dog

Good Karma

Photo: Elise Derwin - NTN News

They’re a generous lot up there in the Northern Territory… strangers donated close to $6 thousand dollars to cover the cost of vet care for a german shepherd stabbed by would-be robbers earlier this month.

Buddy’s going to be fine after fifteen hundred dollars of vet care… so Buddy’s owner Mobin Pour Nowrouz has instead donated $500 to help strays brought in to Ark Animal Hospital, he’s bought $1500 of cat and dog food from Food Bank to give to animal shelters across the Top End AND given $1500 to go to homeless people.

Previously Mr Nowrouz had handed in a wallet he’d found to Police.

It had 5 thousand dollars in it… and was returned to its very grateful owner… so good karma has followed that good deed.

With thanks to Northern Territory News.




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