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Latest Pet & Animal News - 23rd Jan 2016 with Kaye Browne

Latest Pet & Animal News - 23rd Jan 2016 with Kaye Browne

This Week
- Single Chemo Tablet Trial Spikes Cancer Fighting T Effector Cells!
- Brisbane Hi-Rise Cat Puzzled By All The Attention 

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Single Chemo Tablet Trial Spikes Cancer Fighting T Effector Cells!


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There’s exciting news from a nationwide clinical dog trial which is testing a new way to kill aggressive cancers by waiting for the perfect time to use just a single chemotherapy tablet.

The scientists running the trial discovered that the immune system in dogs has a distinct 4 – 9 day cycle – and if they give a one-off chemo tablet at the
precise moment when the dog’s regulatory T cells are dividing, they can increase that cycle’s temporary spike in the cancer fighting T effector cells.

While the trial is still in the experimental stage, there’s at least one family in Queensland over the moon that their dog Duke has just enjoyed his second Christmas cancer-free – after being told 18 months ago he was about to die.

The one tablet at the right time really worked for him.

The technique is already being trialled on humans in the US – but if you’re interested in learning more about the Australian canine trial, you can check out the company who’s running it at BIOTEMPUS.COM or if you want to be part of the trial – same addy, but add forward slash ‘vet’



Brisbane Hi-Rise Cat Puzzled By All The Attention 

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Cat owners – this story is for you. Worried pet lovers in Brisbane called the fire service when they saw a cat - named Lucy, perched precariously on the outside of a balcony fence of a high rise about 30 metres off the ground.

The firies, being animal lovers immediately responded, sending one of their trucks with a crane and sent 2 muscly blokes up to rescue the puss.

However when they got close, the cat stood up, tippy toed along the edge of the balcony and squeezed through the railing onto the balcony… much to the amusement of the people watching.

To add insult to injury, apparently not only was the cat not stuck, it actually belongs to someone on the top floor – and no-one’s quite sure why, let alone how it ended up where it did.




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