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Latest Pet & Animal News - 5th March with Kaye Browne

Latest Pet & Animal News - 5th March with Kaye Browne

This week...
* Chronic Kidney Disease In Cats
* Have A Heart - Cure Heart Disease
* Chicken Nappies Could Be A Hit!

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* Chronic Kidney Disease In Cats

 Chronic Kidney Disease In Cats  

Photo: Sarah Caney


The veterinary world is leading the way in using 3D Printing to create miracles.

It’s now estimated that close to a third of all cats over the age of 10 are likely to be affected by chronic kidney disease… but because of the wide variety of symptoms, diagnosis isn’t always easy and delays treatment.

However, there’s now hope affected felines will get the care they need sooner and enjoy a better quality of life, thanks to the efforts of a specially convened group of experts whose work has just been published in the latest Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery.

Australian, French, US and UK experts graded the quality of the available published evidence and found that using renal diet foods definitely does improve quality and length of life – although work still needs to be done on making them more palatable and helping cats transition to the new food.

The report also suggests regular assessment of blood pressure and providing meds for high blood pressure helps protect eyes and the heart.

More Reading:  Download full PDF Article



* Have A Heart - Cure Heart Disease


Photo: PetMD 

We’ve known for ages that canine hearts and human hearts are virtually identical – which might explain why we love each other so much – but now, researchers at the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph, believe their discovery of the possible cause of a deadly heart condition in dogs which may lead to a new treatment for humans and canines.

Humans suffer from DCM – Dilated Cardiomyopathy – so do dogs in particular large breed dogs and in some like Dobermans up to 50% die from the disease.

In a new study, published in the Journal of Physiology, scientists identified a group of muscle proteins weren’t contracting in DCM affected hearts the way they should.

They then tested a naturally occurring molecule which when added made the heart cells function properly – completely reversing the disease.


Special thanks to the Dobes and their owners who took part in what is definitely ground breaking research.

(dogs share close to 350 diseases with humans, offering more opportunities to help people and pooch.)

More Reading - The American Journal of Physiology



* Chicken Nappies Could Be A Hit!

Chicken Nappy - Photo (c) Jeff Clark

Photo: (c) Jeff Clark

And here’s a thought for all the Aussies jumping on the backyard chook trend… how do you deal with their poop?

Well, given that chickens are ridiculously friendly – I often find if the girls are out foraging in the garden I can turn around and find one in the kitchen looking for goodies.

However – for those who regularly let their chooks indoors – have you considered nappies.

We were given a product which looks like an upside down harness in which you put a simple tissue to collect poop – however an avian vet in Sydney has started selling a washable, ecologically friendly cotton nappy from his clinic and is about to start selling online.

Given that backyard chooks enjoy being treated like pet birds, sitting on your lap or on furniture (we can vouch for that) Dr Phil Sacks just might have a hit on his hands – which is a lot better than the alternative – without a nappy.


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