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Max's Jaw Dropping Operation! (Podcast!)

Max's Jaw Dropping Operation! (Podcast!)

We know some people would prefer to listen to some of our 'veterinary procedure' stories rather than watch and this is a good one to start withMax - an 11yr old Labrador had part of his lower jaw removed... but why? 

The owners of Max - an 11yr old Labrador had been keeping an extra close eye on him given he’d already undergone several surgeries to remove lumps from his body… one of which was a ‘mast cell tumor’ – the type with the potential to spread rapidly to other parts of the body. 

Max is prepared for his CT scanNaturally when Max’s owners discovered two very large growths in his mouth which had appeared almost overnight they knew they had top get help fast!

This procedure is actually called a Rostral Mandibulectomy and is a great treatment option for tumors on the front of the lower jaw for people and pets!

So why remove part of the lower jaw? Surgical specialist Dr Sarah Goldsmid from Sydney's Animal Referral Hospital explains at the start of this podcast. 

Max 45mins after his operation!!WATCH THE VIDEO VERSION OF THIS STORY!
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with additional surgical information from Dr Sarah Goldsmid

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PHOTOS: Taken from the video
Top right, Max is prepared for his CT scan which confirmed the extent of the tumours
Above left, You can easily see Max's problem just prior to the operation which took around 90mins in total
Lower right - Amazing - this is Max about 45mins AFTER the procedure!

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