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Perfect Poultry?

Perfect Poultry?

Ever considered giving your chooks a food supplement? I hadn’t.

A few weeks ago we told you about the winner of a ‘wildest chook’ competition… the winner was a feisty feathered female – who liked to pretend she was a rooster! Very funny.

The people running the comp, Sustenhance, make a product called ‘Perfect Poultry’ which they reckon helps all hens at all stages of life.

Well – given our 2 bantams and 1 full-size chook haven’t been laying for months now (sigh), thought I’d give it a try.

Bam. You would not believe it unless you saw it – as I did!

The day after I put Sustenhance into their pen and watched them scoff it like it was ice-cream… my big gal, Tickety laid an egg!

The sceptical journalist in me thought must be a one-off, right. None of my girls are young (!) and it could have been a coincidence.

But no. Look. 36 hours later, another beautiful egg. And Tickety is running around like a spring chicken!

So all I can say is Sustenhance has worked for me.

They have not paid for my opinion or this review. It worked for me and I’m going to continue using it and tell you what happens.

Written by: Kaye Browne - VETtalk TV Producer

Our freeloading...sorry Free-Ranging girls :-)



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