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Rainy Day Soggy Doggy Solutions!

Rainy Day Soggy Doggy Solutions!

It's raining cats and dogs! Well, not really but across South-Eastern Australia right now it almost feels like the annual wet season. 

And that can mean 'soggy doggies'.

You see, most dogs these days are 'inside dogs' but they’re trained to go outside to do their 'business'.

But what happens when it’s raining?

Does he/she; 

(a) hold on? Some dogs are REALLY good at this but it’s not good for their bladders!

(b) sneak off somewhere 'private' in the house - it's happened to us (bad dog!)


(c) race outside but get soaking wet before heading back inside and 'shake it off'?

While rain doesn’t seem to bother most dogs in fact many love it - especially those with longer hair - those outdoor toilet breaks can be a nightmare for us with muddy paw prints tracked across the floors and worse…on the furniture!

So what can you do to make sure your house stays reasonably clean and doesn't end up smelling like 'eau de wet dog'?

Well you could buy one of those indoor artificial turf toilets designed for apartment dogs…but they need to be regularly cleaned, washed and dried to avoid pongs…and that can be tricky during wet spells.

Or you could incorporate some fun training to get your dog to wipe their paws on the way back inside.

It’s easier than you think! Here's how...

Grab one of your oldest towels and spread it on top of the Welcome mat outside.

Next, hide a couple of treats under the towel and then making sure the returning dog is watching you, throw a treat on top of the towel and tell them to ‘find it’.

Repeat the phrase and most dogs will start sniffing and then pawing at the towel to find the hidden treasure and voila… clean paws!

Well, at least their front paws are clean, you may have to manually wipe their rear paws unless you can train them to turn in circles on the towel. Not impossible, just a little trickier.

Depending on the number of dogs in the house you may find a second towel inside the door is necessary or, you could try our newest rainy day survival trick… lay down some washable carpet runners!

They’re cheap as chips from department stores or even the Two Dollar shops and they’re totally machine washable.

Speaking of washing, do remember to brush and bathe your dog regularly – ideally in warm water – and dry them off with a hair-dryer.

In between baths you can use one of the many doggy colognes available at pet stores, or even use one of the human ‘Dry-shampoo’ products.

Good luck and happy drying!

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