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Horses - They're Not Quite Like Cars!

Horses - They're Not Quite Like Cars!

When you're thinking of getting a horse - whether it's your first one or perhaps a second one as 'company' for another, it's not quite as easy as choosing a car - new or second-hand...

You see, when you look for a new or even used car there are fairly strong laws in place regarding the road worthiness of that car.

Sure some cars are utter rubbish (been there done that!) and of course some dealers are too but overall the new and secondhand market for cars is not too bad and you generally won't get caught out with a 'lemon!'

But horses? - More often than not desire takes over from common sense.

The look, the feel, that almost 'instant bond' we humans feel when faced with an animal we truly love could actually be the one thing that brings us both - horse and ourselves - down both emotionally and financially.

While we don't pretend to be experts in advising you how to spot your next 'perfect horse' Dr Olivia James is.

Dr Olivia is an amazing equine vet located in Brindabella NSW close to AU's capital Canberra.

We highly recommend you watch this short preview of her great 'Top 10 Tips When Buying A Horse!'

then either Log-In or Register (FREE!) and check our Dr Olivia's great video.

More reading: 
Find out more about Pre-Purchase Exams here courtesy of Horses & People Magazine.


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