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To Cuddle or Not!

To Cuddle or Not!

Dogs are pretty cute right? –  and there are some of us who just can’t resist getting up close for a cuddle. And that’s the problem,  you see we might think we’re smart because we can talk… but most of us get a D minus when it comes to doggy speak… better known as canine body language.

Hands up if you’ve ever seen a child or an adult intending to hug a dog, putting their face up close to the dog… nose to nose, eyeball to eyeball, wearing a big toothy grin.

BRRRGGG! (loud buzzer sound) - In doggy-speak… that child or adult has just declared war… and yet people are surprised when the dog snaps… or worse …bites at what it perceives to be a threat staring into its eyes. 

Sure some pets are ‘used to it’ and even though those are puppies in the photo, we’ll admit our own dogs love a bit of a cuddle but most dogs get very worried or worse – bite.  

We pet owners can help by not only training and socialising our dogs… but also by being aware who’s near our dog at any given time and how they’re acting..  

It sounds so simple, but we wouldn’t let a child cross the road without learning the rules… in the same way we shouldn’t let kids near a dog without knowing the basics, like;  

* don’t stare
* don’t scream
* don’t run
* ask the owner
* go gently

… you’ll both have fun. 

Our best tip would be to check out the local dog training club for some more tip for both kids and dogs – and if you just have a puppy right now, your local vet most likely runs puppy classes too. 

A tiny investment in time and money today could save your thousands in years to come – or more importantly could save a life.

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