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Vet Pet & Animal News - Sat 19th March 2016

Vet Pet & Animal News - Sat 19th March 2016

This week...
* When is a rabbit, not a rabbit?
* The amazing 'Camera Pill'
* 'Killer' Wind Turbines
* Poster girl Chi Chi highlights animal cruelty

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* When is a rabbit, not a rabbit?

 This definitely a rabbit right? - Photo: QLD Police  

Yes it's a rabbit! 
Photo: QLD Police

When is a rabbit, not a rabbit…?

When it’s in Queensland and its owners are potentially in big trouble.

Not everyone listening may know this, but rabbits are persona non grata in Queensland… in fact, keeping them without authorization can lead to 6 months in jail and a fine of about $40,000.00. They’re viewed as a feral threat in the sunshine state.

So when Queensland cops were called to chat to a family in a caravan park on a different matter… they were immediately drawn to the very large, fat furry long-eared animal in a hutch.

The owners tried to say it was a guinea pig!!!

But don’t worry – the bunny’s ok – it was relocated to a sanctuary in Grafton, New South Wales where rabbits are legal – and all being well will find a new home.
No word on whether the bunny smugglers will be charged or not.


* The amazing 'Camera Pill'

Bagherra (c)Campbell Brodie      

Photo: (c) University of Saskatchewan

Did you ever see that sci-fi movie where a scientist in a submarine was somehow miniaturised so they could travel inside the human body’s veins and basically save the world???

Well, science has caught up with fiction and while human camera pills have been around for a couple of years, now for the first time Canadian have been able to put a camera the size of a vitamin pill inside a horse’s stomach to see what really happens in the equine gut.

In the past, no-one was able to see what really happened over the next 8 hours as food made its way through the horse’s small intestine.

Now, researchers believe camera pills will be able to diagnose diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease and cancer, or see how well drugs to stimulate bowel action are working.

They didn’t mention whether it’s a one way trip or whether the camera is reusable.

Read full story:


* 'Killer' Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines Photo: (c)GettyImages JohnnyGrieg.
Photo: (c) GettyImages -Johnny Grieg

What are your thoughts on wind turbines?

Well bird fanciers have no problems saying in their view – they’re killers – resulting in the death of hundreds of thousands of bird deaths every year.

6 years ago wind turbines in the US were required to put radar on their blades, which would stop them if it detected birds approaching – yet observers say it’s not working and estimate more than 300 thousand birds are killed annually by 49 thousand wind turbines. And both turbines and deaths are set to rise.

Unless – owners of wind farms choose places where birds are unlikely to fly or migrate through.  

* Poster girl Chi Chi highlights animal cruelty
 Poster Girl Chi Chi

Lastly - A South Korean dog has become the poster girl for people around the world fighting to stop the practice of eating dogs who’ve been tortured to supposedly make them more tender.

The dog, now named Chi Chi is safe in the USA but rescuers believe she’d been repeatedly beaten for a year while hung from her legs.

Dear little Chichi still wagged her tail when found, and now after medical treatment has found a forever home in Arizona, and will have a new life as a therapy dog, helping humans who’ve suffered amputation.

Check out her Facebook page here!


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