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Lovin' Lavender.... But is It Ok For Our Pets?

Lovin' Lavender.... But is It Ok For Our Pets?

The Good…

Do you grow lavender at home? Do your dogs or cats love its fragrant smell? 

Our 'old boy' Cosmo - (Min. Poodle sadly no longer with us) would often spend literally hours rolling in or brushing up against the rows of lavender bush in our back yard.

Cosmo was a ‘busy’ dog. Always up to something. But after his ‘lavender loving’ sessions, he’d come inside covered in bits of purple flower, happy as anything then lay down and sleep for hours!

We know various aromas can affect people and help de-stress so we thought we’d check out what research had been done into pets and how various smells affect them, and sure enough – a study by Dr. Deborah Wells in Ireland looked at the effect of Lavender oil on dogs, in particular whether it could have a calming effect on dogs and reduce excitement.

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