Kids and cats are cute right?... Well sure… unless you’re the cat! Toddlers – especially boys are a cat’s worst nightmare. 

This story is very close to home – Our daughter asked us for help solving a problem with her much loved 9 yr old cat Smokey and her now almost 3 yr old son Tyler... aka 'TJ'. 

It seems Smokey disappears most of the day then comes out after TJ has gone to bed only to harass ‘mum’ (in the nicest possible way 'cos mum still loves Smokey!)

How can we solve the problem? Dr Kim Kendall – the Cat Vet from the Chatswood Cat Palace puts some perspective on the problem.

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Additional Video Credits in this story re-used under Creative Commons:
* Soft Claws product demo by Pet Society - Attachable protector claws for pets
* Sleeping Cat - Anthony Lusardi - 22 Mins of my cat sleeping




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