Sydney’s first ever petting facility – Café Purrfection opened on the 1st March 2015 by cat vet Dr Kim Kendall, to give people – who don’t or can’t have a cat – access to the proven benefits of being able to cuddle a kitty… 

But relaxed, sociable cats don’t happen by accident… which is why Kim’s good friend and experienced animal trainer Dimity Bjork from Creatures On Call was on hand to teach the specially selected felines their new job. VETtalk TV had a sneak preview with Dr. Kim Kendall - from the Chatswood Cat Palace just before the opening to see what Café Purrfection was all about.

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My 3 Sweet Siamese Cats
Siamese Cat Loves Pats
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Still Images: (c) Caroline Zambrano & Dr Kim Kendall


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