CatsCats are special creatures aren't they? - So they deserve their own special place!


OPINION: Cat Hoarders - Dr Kim Kendall

We often joke about 'the cat lady' across the road but they really do exist. Animal hoarding is a major mental issue and despite the various welfare groups' efforts, it still goes on.

A 3 Legged Cat? - No Problem... For Mr Skittles!

Mr Skittles -3 Legs?... No Worries!

This is a very personal story… Adopted as a kitten with a smorgasboard of health issues including an abcess, cat flu and some serious bladder issues Mr Skittles has one more hurdle to cross…

Dealing With Cat Wee!!

Cat wee.... Peeooowwww!.. It has got to be one of the worst smells around the home if you have a cat that is not too fussed on its litter tray right? - So what's the trick getting rid of the smell?

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