6.5yr old 'Angie' is an American Staffordshire Bull Terrier who developed a growth on her left front paw last year. Thankfully her mum Cheryl had the good sense to see her vet sooner rather than later and the lump was removed.

Although everything seemed ok at first, Cheryl noticed the swelling had returned quite quickly after a few months and her own vet decided Angie should be referred to the Animal Referral Hospital Oncology & Surgical specialists immediately.

Good call as it happens because had Angie's condition been left un-treated much longer, she would either have had to have her paw amputated or worse - Euthanased.

So please - If you EVER feel a lump or bump on your pet you think is not normal - go and see your vet as soon as possible. It just might save their life!

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