OOOWWWCCCHH!... Poor little Gigi... this gorgeous little 11yr old French Bulldog just put her owners through absolute hell and nobody seems to know how it happened.

Basically, Gigi's dad came home and found her blood soaked, standing like a statue totally frozen with what turned out to be an entire hanging basket hook lodged under her tongue.

The photo clearly shows the hook poking out of the skin from under her jaw. No doubt it was extremely painful if she moved!

Without even wondering how or why, Gigi's dad rushed her to the ARH Emergency Centre at Baulkham Hills.
Lucky for Gigi he did!

Combined with dad's quick thinking and our overnight ARH Emergency Team Vet Nurses Alex & Jess and of course Emergency Vet Dr Karyn Wesselingh, Gigi seems to have recovered nicely.

Hopefully Gigi will stick to playing with tennis balls from now on! :-)

Meantime - We finally managed to track down the very busy ARH Emergency Vet Dr Karyn Wesselingh to tell us in person all about this amazing case that confronted her at the start of her overnight shift at Baulkham Hills.

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