Just like people, dogs can have hip replacements too! But two in the same year? According to his mum Bianca, this very young and much loved German Shepherd used to literally lay around all day and just wouldn’t get up to play with his brother Benji.

Initial x-rays indicated a badly displaced right hip initially so a referral from her local vet at Wakeley Vet Hospital​ to see ARH Surgical Specialist Dr Sarah Goldsmid  meant Major could get a new hip and get back to being a playful dog once again.

Thankfully that operation worked…
Then Major's left hip started playing up as Dr Sarah explains.

We'll have short video here soon with Dr Sarah Goldsmid demonstrating how and why she uses the Kyon Total Hip Replacement device (used on Major & others) ... and don't worry - this is not just for vets! - You might be surprised at how amazing this implant really is :-)

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