A question often asked is 'what is hip dysplasia in dogs and how can it be fixed?  Basically - hip dysplasia is an hereditary condition mostly found in large and giant breed dogs like Labradors, German Shepherd's, Great Dane's etc. Other factors such as exercise, weight and of course the dog's diet all play a part.

There are several options for dealing with hip dysplasia and in this short video ARH Surgical Specialist Dr Sarah Goldsmid explains how she uses her preferred option for THR or Total Hip Replacement, the amazing KYON!

- Less activity – wants to lay around most of the day
- Decreased range of motion in the legs
- Reluctance to get up or do 'normal' activities
- Obvious lameness in the hind legs (limping)
- Loose joints
- Pain & overall stiffness

Of course there are other signs so as always check with your own vet for an opinion sooner rather than later!

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