Got a dog? Watch out…cos Parvo’s about and your dog had better be vaccinated!

Parvovirus WarningOur good friends at Cessnock Veterinary Hospital told us they've been seeing an alarming number of puppies and adult dogs suffering from the potentially fatal ‘Parvovirus’ lately.

Affected pets produce vast amounts of vomit and diarrhoea… and although they’ll survive if treated rapidly… unfortunately… so will the virus.

Listen to Cessnock Vet’s Dr Rob Boyd explain the symptoms and what to do or scroll down for more information.


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Parvo can survive in microscopic form – even after the mess has been ‘cleaned’ from floors, cages or grassy areas - which means anyone touching or walking on those areas could inadvertently pass Parvovirus on to other pets.

The only sure solution? Vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate.

And while puppies are most susceptible to Parvovirus, even mature dogs (and seniors) should get a yearly booster to be on the safe side.

The schedule to protect puppies requires vaccinating at:
~ 6-8 weeks 
~ 12 weeks
~ 16 weeks 
~ 15 months (1st annual vaccination) 

Plus annual vaccinations for the remainder of your dog's life…as our pal Paddy would say “To be sure…to be sure!”

SOURCE: Cessnock Veterinary Centre Facebooke page

Parvovirus Warning


Image: Tampa Bay Florida Humane Society - with more info on Parvovirus 

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