Has your dog ever eaten something it shouldn't have? No - we don't mean that tasty something from your dinner table or those leftover training treats from your handbag.

What about... from your bathroom?

And the story is even more intriguing when the dog in question - 'Ksubi' - just happens to belong to one of this country's most experienced veterinary specialist surgeons!

You’d be surprised how often this problem occurs - even with other vets we've spoken to!


Additional Video Credits:
Dogs In Wigs - by mayalon (YouTube) - Re-use permission sought. Also check out http://www.puccinifoundation.org/ The Puccini Foundation is dedicated to the hope of a future for pets and people… cancer free.
* Mr  Nobody Holme Buys a Jitney 1916 Library of Congress (Animation - re-used under Creative Commons)


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