Our miniature poodle Monet had been virtually blind in both eyes for the best part of 2 years thanks to cataracts and finally we had a chance to have them removed.

Given our passion for anything to do with animals we asked and were given permission to video the entire process from consult through to the actual operation at the Animal Referral Hospital in Homebush - Sydney.

The process is fascinating and a 'must see' if you think your dog is 'blind' or affected by cataracts. They are NOT a death sentence as you will see! 
This video shows the consult and 'pre-op' procedure.

Complete Story - approx: 13mins - (video below) featuring ophthalmic specialist Jeff Smith from ARH

Part 2 is video of the actual operation 

Normally this would be only available in the Vet Pro Channel and although it's not totally 'confronting' it may not suit some non-vet viewers. 

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