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Barry's Shock Laundry Surprise!

Laundry powder can be caustic

Barry the Bull Mastiff was home alone and not really looking for 'trouble'. But trouble found him in the form of laundry powder. It was a rainy day and Barry pulled a box of laundry pods down from a shelf which spilled out the door.

The Unlikely Symbol Of Hope For Dementia Sufferers!

Timmy - Have we found the cure for CCD aka dementia  in dogs?

This 13 year old spaniel is the unlikely symbol of hope for Dementia sufferers around the world… after receiving a unique form of stem cell therapy which appears to have restored his memory…and in so doing…saved his life!

Bart's Amazing Story!

Bart's Amazing Story

Cancer. It’s estimated 1 in 3 dogs will get some kind of cancer. Scary, but there is increasingly strong proof that the combined efforts of determined owners and highly skilled Oncology specialists

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