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Greyhound Blood Bank Overview - Dr Shannon West

Greyhound Blood Bank

Meet the new army of life-savers in the ACT. A dozen or so kind-hearted pet owners who’ve come along to the Animal Referral Hospital and Emergency Centre in Canberra to find out how they and their 4-legged friends can save other pets lives…

SEMINAR: Greyhound Blood Bank - Dr Shannon West

SEMINAR: About The Greyhound Blood Bank

Blood is always in high demand for veterinary procedures - but where does it come from? Dr Shannon West is behind the push to ensure adequate supply of much needed blood in and around Canberra and gave a talk at the Animal Referral Hospital.

My Dog Ate WHAT!!??

Ksubi At WHAT!!??

Has your dog ever eaten something it shouldn't have? No - we don't mean that tasty something from your dinner table or those leftover training treats from your handbag.

What about... from your bathroom?

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