Ever had an MRI? -  What about your pet? And if so, have you ever wondered how they work? Well we had an exclusive insight into the recent re-gassing of the MRI unit at Sydney's Animal Referral Hospital. We think you'll be as amazed as we were!

Scott Humphries is an engineer and knows a lot about MRI's - after all, as co-owner of ARH he also built Australia's first private practice MRI unit especially for animals.

Scott takes us on an amazing tour as the ARH MRI unit has its annual top up of Helium gas - at $20,000 a pop!

How Do They Work?
An MRI or Magnetic resonance imaging machine uses a strong magnetic field combined with radio waves to take precise images inside human or animal bodies.
MRI's are particularly good at showing soft tissue such as organs and muscles that don't show up on x-rays. They are literally 'Miracle Machines' and help save lives every day.

Additional Video Credits
* MRI Info Graphic (c) Prasanna Tilakaratna  How Equipment Works - Used with permission
* * 'Absolute Zero' - (c) BBC TV Documentaries

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