Looking for a CHEAP generic telephone on hold message service? – Sorry... we don't do 'cheap' - do you? We're not expensive either given most practices earn back their weekly subscription every day with reminders to book in or ask after the services offered!

We've had some people say "oh I got a quote from another on-hold service that was a little bit less than yours - only thing is they don't really understand the vet and pet industry...".

As it happens we're not expensive either, especially when you look at VETtalk On-Hold being an investment rather than a cost - and that's not marketing speak - that's a fact which we'd be happy to explain to you.

Several clients have already paid for all or most of their service just by the content we deliver.

As Australia's only on-hold message service catering exclusively to the veterinary and pet retail sector, we know you wouldn’t operate on any animal using cheap instruments or inexperienced assistants and that's why we only create and deliver vet and pet specific on-hold messages that can not only pay for themselves, but add to your bottom line.

If you are seriously looking for personalised messages for your pet retail or veterinary specific business written and produced by pet industry professionals with a strong media background which reflects you, your practice or retail operation and your professionalism, then welcome to VETtalk On-Hold

You see, part of our job as communications experts is to work closely with veterinarians and pet retailers to improve general communications with clients, staff and suppliers – doing so improves business relationships and dramatically improves outcomes for all concerned.

VETtalk On-Hold is a very small first step towards that goal for many of our clients by creating an initial gateway that will go a long way to improving your virtual ‘front door’. As it happens we can even give you VETtalk On-Hold absolutely free... but you'll need to talk with us first to find out how!

Want us to call you? - Just let us know best time and contact number.
We'll both know in a just few moments whether VETtalk On-Hold is right for you.


Pets On Hold - Totally Personalised Pets On Hold - NO CONTRACTS Pets On Hold - NO FAKE RADIO VOICES Pets On Hold - NO TEMPLATES


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All music used in VETtalk On-Hold licensed exclusively from JewelBeat.com & AudioBlocks

How Much Is It? 
Looking for a CHEAP generic telephone on hold message service? – Sorry... we don't do 'cheap' - do you? 
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What They're Saying
Testimonials are nice but long term support is just as important and means we are doing something right. Meantime - these are some of the nice comments made by a few of our clients recently...

What We Deliver 
Just tell us what you really want and we'll create it for you - no other on-hold phone company has the pet, animal and vet specific content services we offer.

Audio Samples
Unlike many other on-hold providers we don't create 'one size fits all' audio so the samples below will give you an idea of a few of the possibilities.

Name Change
So why the name change? Well our bespoke ‘Pets On Hold’ phone message service has been running since 2011 creating on-hold messages exclusively for the Veterinary practices