Veterinarians are constantly telling us they are always looking at ways to help clients remember how to do basic tasks such as give medications or change bandages etc.

Our own research has also shown pet owners are literally 'craving' for a resource such as VETtalk TV which is a combination of video, audio and from time to time printed stories packaged in an easy to use 'news-digest' format that can be sent directly to clients or played at your practice with or without your own branding.

1 - Vets Only
This channel shows more detailed aspects of procedures and operations. At the moment pet owners can also log-in to this channel but they will miss out on some of the more basic and we hope more interesting aspects of pet care. For example we won't be showing 'how to clean a dog's ears' in this channel but we will be showing actual skin graft or cataract operations and more. In time we hope to have some of these videos accredited for use as part of your CE points.

2 - Pet Owners
This channel is a combination of basic and more involved aspects of pet care. Whether they be dogs or cats, birds, rabbits, horses or fish - as we find and/or create new a relevant content  it will appear here. Things like 'how to pill a cat' or 'how to clean a dog's ears' or 'paralysis tick signs to look for' and more. Being logged in as a vet means you may see some of the pet owner content but not all.

This is intentional for two reasons.
#1 - we don't want to distract you from more relevant stories... 
#2 - we will be updating both channels via email so we have separate lists to send updates to.

Unlike other 'pet video newsletter/website content' offerings, VETtalk TV is not 'generic vet and pet information'.
Every story you see has either been created by qualified practicing veterinarians or approved by them.

If you would like to contribute topic specific stories around your speciality (complete with your own branding) at little to no cost to you...
Just let us know what you want!

VETtalk TV - Now there's an even better way to speak with clients.


Created & Produced by Radio/TV Journalist/Pet Writer Kaye Browne and Radio/TV Producer Brian Pickering with more than 30 years each in mainstream media with the past 15 years in pet & vet media via Pet Talk Radio and more recently The PET TALK people - we'll be bringing your clients  the very latest and most relevant information that can be found here in Australia and around the world.

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