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PetBiz focus Pty Ltd is the company behind PetBiz Focus... the 'umbrella' covering multi-platform resources for veterinarians, vet nurses, practice managers and other vet/pet sector professionals offering hints, tips, expert & everyday stories and resources on how to communicate better with clients and customers - the end result being longer client/customer relationships and a healthier bottom line.

We've recently merged the original PetBiz Focus website with this one to allow all our services to be in the one place!

Just choose an area of interest from our channels below...


VETtalk TVVETtalk PodcastVETtalk Business Channel

Each Channel is unique & offers something for both Vet-Professionals as well as Pet Owners:

*  VETtalk TV
- Family friendly & Professional videos - Please share what you see

*  VETtalk Podcasts - Weekly podcast stories aimed at Pet Owners but you can use them too

*  VETtalk Business - Text & podcast stories about products, services & ideas you can use in your practice

*  VETtalk On Hold - Personalised phone messages. We hold your clients hand for you while they're on hold!








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