UPDATE: The information below is for our 'bespoke' On-Hold service.
We now have a NEW service called 'VETtalk On-Hold' Check it out here!

When was the last time you thought...  

WOW! - I'm SOOOO lucky to be on hold!

This will be good!

WHAAT! You’ve never said that?
(Free scratchie if you can honestly say yes and it wasn’t one of our personalised Pets On Hold systems!)

Veterinary practices are full of highly educated professionals who daily perform minor miracles using highly sophisticated and expensive medical equipment…
...but do your clients really know what you do and how you do it?

That’s where your phone - with your own personalised Pets On Hold messages - can morph into a virtual PR person… telling callers about your team, the specific services your practice offers, why regular health checks save lives and money, as well as other useful pet advice making time spent on-hold interesting rather than painful.

Pets On Hold - Totally Personalised Pets On Hold - NO CONTRACTS Pets On Hold - NO FAKE RADIO VOICES Pets On Hold - NO TEMPLATES

Contact us now for more information:
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0416 083 617 anytime up to 9pm any day or contact us by email

All music used in Pets On Hold licensed exclusively from JewelBeat.com & AudioBlocks


NEW for 2019...

Branded On-Hold + Podcasts
VETtalk On Hold

How Much Is It? 
Looking for a CHEAP generic telephone on hold message service? – Sorry... we don't do 'cheap' - do you? 
Read more... 

What They're Saying
Testimonials are nice but long term support is just as important and means we are doing something right. Meantime - these are some of the nice comments made by a few of our clients recently...

What We Deliver 
Just tell us what you really want and we'll create it for you - no other on-hold phone company has the pet, animal and vet specific content services we offer.

Audio Samples
Unlike many other on-hold providers we don't create 'one size fits all' audio so the samples below will give you an idea of a few of the possibilities.

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