What weighs roughly 1,500 hundred tonnes and is produced each and every day around Australia? Hint – it’s not gold, more’s the pity.

HEY YOU!... Pick Up Yer Dog Poo ok?!!!It’s dog poo!!! YUKKK!

And while those of you listening to VETtalk right now, who are dog owners, would never dream of turning a blind eye to your pet’s daily deposits… unfortunately there are some owners who still do the wrong thing… and that’s putting the future of off-leash parks at risk.

We’re joined on the line by Nadia Crighton from Pet Insurance Australia

At the end of this podcast you will be amazed at some of the brilliant initiatives from around the world that seem to have worked in reducing dog poo contamination in parks and on our streets! - We'd love to hear your ideas too!


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Brought to you by Pet Insurance Australia


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