We hear them - usually at night... but it's not very often we see them. And if things keep going the way they are with our busy urban infrastructure growth, we may soon stop hearing them!

The Frog and Tadpole Study Group of NSW - (www.fats.org.au) occasionally receive calls about injured frogs.

Marsha The Marsh Frog After Her OperationsA concerned homeowner recently called the Frogwatch helpline describing what sounded like a Striped Marsh Frog 'Limnodynates Peronii' whose rear leg had somehow become wedged under her wheely bin - (trash can for our US listeners!).

The concerned resident and her mother drove it over to Monica Wangmann - from the Frog & Tadpole Study Group NSW (F.A.T.S) who quickly called Exotics vet Dr Jayne Weller at the Animal Referral Hospital in Sydney to see what could be done to save the frog.

Despite the odds, an amputation was successfully carried out.
This is one very plucky little girl and despite being a ground frog she has been jumping very high WITH her injured leg and is now 'boarding'with Monica. A great job by everyone...

BTW, if you do nothing else just have a listen to this podcast to hear what they called the frog :-)


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