Has your vet ever said to you... "ummm I think Fido is er... a little heavier than he could be for his age and breed" - to which you've probably said - "well we don't overfeed him!" - which may well be true, but how ACTIVE is Fido - or Fifi for that matter?

Dr Sarah Goldsmid with Ksubi - FitBarkWith the exception of 'working dogs' and one or two other breeds, most of our dogs - and cats - can be pretty sedentary when we're not around.

But a new product called the FitBark recently imported into Australia by Dr Sarah Goldsmid from the Animal Referral Hospital might just change all that!

PLUS... There's a great benefit for vets as Dr Sarah explains.

Grab your FitBark today!
Now available from The Animal Referral Hospital: (02) 9758 8666
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