Most greyhounds get to a race-track at least once before their future is decided…but one pup who’s never going to race will instead become a much-loved pet…

Pedia Pazu & Nora Anderson-DieppeerThis pup can thank his lucky stars for a really bad start in life.
Why? Because little Pedie Pazu broke his leg!

Things might not have turned out so well for Pazu if word about his plight hadn’t reached a small little-known rescue group called ‘Nora’s Foster Hounds’ who set up a chain-reaction of good will and great veterinary care to turn Pazu’s life around.

It’s not the first time Nora Anderson-Dieppe has rescued a pup from a so-called greyhound Whelping Ground, but Pazu’s condition required urgent attention.

The podcast version of this story is below and we'll also have the FULL video version soon for Pet Owners and Vet-Pros showing the actual operation... mean time you can watch our 'mini-doco' version here.



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