It’s the bane of bird fanciers everywhere – how to deal with their feathered friend’s primal urge to become a mum – and the very real concern the bird might become egg-bound.

 Bridget Wants TO Have A Baby!!!BarneyIt’s a problem Animal Referral Hospital's Exotics Vet Dr Jayne Weller has helped many bird owners confront, so she was well-prepared with a mix of solutions when she joined us recently on VETtalk  ‘Live’ to answer caller Wendy Herne's questions.

Wendy is a long-time listener/contributor and has a menagerie of birds, chickens and even a duck called Dorothy that went AWOL recently... You can listen to that story here!

Photos above:
Bridget (left) & Barney (right) -  (c) Wendy Herne

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