Bloat! - Is there a 'cure'? Can it be stopped?... and what are the signs?

GDV or 'gastric dilation and volvulus' aka bloat is a life threatening condition in dogs where the stomach 'bloats' and twists on itself, cutting off major blood vessels and preventing gas from escaping the stomach.

A recent story on two fascinating cases - Kobi & Dallas - that happened at two separate ARH (Animal Referral Hospital) Melbourne locations on the same day prompted us to find out more.

In this 'Inside ARH' Podcast from VETtalk ONLINE we chat with Emergency Vet Dr Megan Hemy who explains the condition, what can be done to help potential sufferers and a quick look at the cost differences between emergency & preventative care for this particular condition.

...and yes we're pretty sure the animal in the photo of Dr Hemy is not a dog... but we liked it anyway :-)


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