The big news is that scientists have now proved what we dog lovers have always suspected - dogs really can tell how we’re feeling – be it happy or sad or in between.

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The teams from Lincoln Uni in the UK and a Brazilian Uni tested 17 dogs by showing them photos of either a human or a dog displaying either a happy face or an angry face and then played a happy or sad voice or bark.

The dogs – who weren’t trained in any way, and who didn’t know the humans or dogs they were looking at – spent much longer looking at the face that matched the audio…

It’s a big deal because it was thought only humans had the cognitive ability to put different sensory events together and come up with a correct answer.

Radio 2GB's Warren Moore invited pet 'Guru' Kaye Browne on to his afternoon show to find out more.

Our thanks to the Macquarie Radio Network for this audio

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