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PODCAST: Acupuncture For Horses

Acupuncture For Horses

Acupuncture's been helping humans with health problems for tens of thousands of years... and used with great effect on dogs and cats as well.  

PODCAST: Dealing With Cat Wee - Dr Kim Kendall

Dealing With Cat Wee

Eoowwww!.. Cat Wee... Is that THE worst smell around the home? Especially when it's on the lounge or carpet 'cos your cat is fussy with its litter tray. So what's the trick getting rid of the smell?

PODCAST: Early Signs Of Dementia In Dogs

Early Signs Of Dementia In Dogs

It happens in humans and it happens in our dogs… Dementia … or in the case of dogs it’s called CCD or Canine Cognitive Dysfunction. But would you know the signs of dementia in your dog? – And what can be done about it?

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