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Pet Owner Channel


This channel will show you many of the pet care 'basics' such as giving your pet medications, eardrops, trimming nails etc. You'll also learn how to recognise the early signs of illness and when it's time to see your vet! These tips will also save you money.

We'll also be showing you some 'behind the scenes' video of what goes on inside your vet's practice on a daily basis as well as stories from specialist centres such as ARH - The Animal Referral Hospital.

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Vet-Pro Channel

Veterinary professionals - including general practice vets, surgical specialists, vet nurses, vet students, practice managers and animal carers, will find this channel focussed on more procedural & industry based content - but still with entertainment value attached.

You'll see full un-edited operational procedures such as skin grafts, mandibulectomy's, MRI & CT Scan data, OH&S presentations and exclusive seminar content. In time you'll also be able to gain CE points for some of the content we will be providing. No Vet-Pro content is shown on this site until registering with this channel.

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All content in both channels has either been created or approved by registered/practicing veterinarians and specialist surgeons.
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Pet Owners will see the same veterinary operations as our Vet Pro channel but in a 'Family Friendly' format 

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Although Pet Owners can register as a Veterinary Professional, you will actually be missing a lot 
of relevant content created especially for pet owners not available in the Vet Pro channel.

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