Duke, a young Pomeranian narrowly escaped with his life after a neighbour's dog ripped him almost in half... now in need of a graft, does Duke have enough 'free skin' to cover the wound? 

Duke - The Pomeranian about to get a skin graft!Surgical specialist Dr Sarah Goldsmid and Nurse Jasmina prepare Duke for surgery. Dr Sarah is assisted by Surgery Resident Dr Arana Parslow. The procedure is performed at the Animal Referral Hospital Homebush Sydney.

The Entire Story including the operation
This is the actual operation in full however some repetitive sequences have been edited to reduce the total duration.

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*  00:00 - As Duke is prepped, Dr Sarah describes where she'll take the graft from
*  02:35 - In surgery - Cutting the graft that will be used
*  03:01 - Surgical Resident Dr Arana prepares the graft
*  07:34 - Vet Nurse Jasmina prepares the area with explanation by Dr Sarah 
*  09:43 - Dr Sarah creates a template for the actual skin graft 
*  11:26 - Dr's Sarah & Arana 'meshing' the graft after removing excess fatty tissue 
*  13:44 - The moment of truth! - Will it actually fit? 

*  18:24 - Dr's Sarah & Arana discuss the benefits of surgeries like this and more 
*  22:00 - "It's magical!" say's Dr Sarah... "This is why I do surgery..." 
*  23:30 - Dr Arana finishes suturing and explains about the amount of fluid still on the graft 


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