Mr Skittles was referred to the Animal Referral Hospital by Newbridge Animal Centre - Sydney with what turned out to be a Pathological Fracture in his right rear leg - suspected to be caused by cancer. 

Far from being 'just another leg amputation' this is a very personal story… and while you can simply skip to approx: 2'40" - the start of ARH Specialist Surgeon Dr David Simpson's 90minute procedure and extended narrative - We've left the background to the story intact so that you also get to see and hear why the success of this procedure was important to all the people involved.

In a nutshell Mr Skittles was adopted as a kitten by Liz Puglisi who just happens to work at both Newbridge and ARH as a vet nurse. With a smorgasboard of health issues including an abcess, cat flu and some serious bladder issues over the past 12 years, Mr Skittles has one more hurdle to cross…

In this VET-PRO version of Mr Skittle's story we've condensed the entire 90min or so to around 10 minutes with some great comments by Dr David Simpson as he tackles each step. Veterinary students in particular will gain a lot from this story.



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