There are people ambulances... and then there are 'PET' ambos… but there’s nothing quite like this state-of-the-art pet transporter anywhere else in Australia.

It’s the ‘Canberra Pet Ambulance’… the brain-child of Emergency Vet Nurse Jarrod Male who dreamed of creating a better and safer way to get sick or seriously ill pets safely to where they could get the medical care they needed, whether a vet practice, or a vet hospital to get specialist care.

Jarrod’s dream way back in 2007 has turned into an awesome life-saver…as you’re about to see.

Coming up in Part 2… what makes THIS ambo so special…and we accompany Jarrod and Claudia as they transport a seriously ill pooch needing an MRI from Canberra to ARH Homebush Sydney.

Video: Created by T/a VETtalk (c) 2017


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