Ever wondered why vets became vets? Want to know what kind of car they drive or if they use Dr Google to 'solve' cases?...

These are just some of the questions we put to veterinarian Dr Anne Fawcett from Sydney Animal Hospitals. You can read more about Dr Anne on her popular blog 'Small Animal Talk'

Here's what we asked Dr Anne:
You can watch the chat right here or select a question - opens a new TAB on our YouTube site.

* 00:00 - What made you become a vet ?

01:00 - Is it easy educating pet owners?
01:38 - What kind of car do you drive?
01:54 - Why do some pet owners feel vets are ripping them off?
02:58 - What about pet insurance?
03:32 - Veterinary suicide - What's your experience
05:08 - Do you use Dr Google to solve cases?
06:17 - Are you guilty of 'Vet Speak'?

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