While vets and vet nurses are busy every day saving animals, some people - like Judy Gillespie are just trying to save vets! Well vet practices anyway...

Judy Gillespie and friends!Let's face it. Being a veterinarian is being in business whether you like it or not, and most vets aren't all that good at a lot of the finer aspects of running a business. Why?... probably because as 'scientists' vets like to take their time, study the results of anything new and look at peer reviewed papers to make sure that what they are doing is the right thing for the animal they are caring for.

But business is a bit different. Sure there are plenty of standard 'right and wrong ways' to do things, but sometimes just listening to 'another voice' - a view from outside your practice seeing what other people do then 'giving it a go' can make all the difference to your bottom line.

Check out this very informative chat we had with founder of Vetanswers Judy Gillespie (photo left) - she might just be the 'answer' you've been looking for, for your practice!


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