Are you the best sales-person for your business?
Veterinarian's are more often than not into 'fixit' mode rather than sales and usually get into the veterinary sector because they like the idea of working with animals.

But that doesn't necessarily make you the best one to fund the 'passion' now does it?

Solve Client Pain

In this short podcast Steve Jensen from Impact Training provides some great ideas to get your business back on track with less involvement from you or just an attitude adjustment from you. 

Sales is not just 'buy-now' or forcing people to buy something they don't want!
Selling includes everything from sound and lighting to layout and creating the right ambience in your clinic or retail situation. 

In this podcast you'll also hear about PFBEA.
What’s PFBEA?
* PAIN - what’s the problem a customer or client has (or don’t know they might have)
* FEATURE - of the product/s or service/s you offer
* BENEFIT - they will receive after buying your product or service
* EMOTION - how they will feel better having eased the pain
* AGREEMENT - that would be good wouldn’t it? (yes!)


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