Being a professional Vet Nurse can be a very difficult albeit rewarding job. Many of the websites offering advice about a career in Vet Nursing usually start off with something like ‘if you love animals you’ll love vet nursing’.

Concerned Nurse Listening!But none we’ve encountered ever say ‘if you love dealing with nervous and often hyperactive pet parents who hate being told what to do, or being bitten by my dog who has NEVER bitten anyone and cleaning up copious dog wees and woopsies all day every day’ then you’ll love vet nursing!

In addition if you are happy with being stuck on the phone as an 'over qualified' receptionist after all that study, then vet nursing is definitely for you!

Of course in any small business it’s ‘all hands on deck’ when things get tight. And let’s not forget of course that a veterinary practice is an extremely un-predictable environment. What might happen probably WILL happen on any given day!

But what makes a vet nurse – or anyone in a veterinary practice for that matter – special?

What one skill makes that person worth much more than they are being paid, for a service that should come naturally, is rarely asked about in job interviews and one that can make or break a relationship?

People Skills! – actually that should be DIFFICULT People Skills.

Difficult People!Yep – most vets and vet nurses start off with the dream of working with animals – and they are 100% right!!... except these animals have a brain attached to a mouth that often says stuff we could never print here or hurtful spiteful words.

But most importantly – they own a credit card! And ultimately what you say and how you say it is the difference between a long time, happy client or one that will tell all their friends how bad you are. Simple as that!

So how do YOU deal with difficult people? 

We'd love to hear from you 

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