We're the first to admit - we're not business experts - but we DO know plenty of them and we do know what most small businesses need to do to be successful.

More than that, part of being successful is knowing how to communicate better.

In this podcast we'll tell you a very (very!) brief background on each of us and let you in on a new online program we're building to enable better vet / client communications. Scroll down to read more...


The original creators of Pet Talk Radio (now VETtalk) Kaye Browne and Brian Pickering knew there was more to caring for pets than 'come sit & stay'...

Finally - after almost 15 years in the 'pet sector' it was time for a change. That change came when their dog Monet urgently needed a cataract operation on both eyes... The love, care devotion and surgical expertise they witnessed - and shot on video - convinced them pet owners really did need to know a lot more about what goes on behind the scenes in local vet practices and specialist veterinary hospitals.

Since early 2014 they have been recording stories at Sydney's #1 Specialist Emergency Hospital - ARH or Animal Referral Hospital located in Homebush, Baulkham Hills & Canberra as well as selected veterinary practices around the country.

The husband and wife team share a background in commercial radio & high rating commercial TV production but their true passion is learning about pets and people and passing that information forward to pet owners in people-friendly language (not vet-speak!)

While the duo have never claimed to be experts – they’ve certainly interviewed more than their fair share of them over the years often with hilarious consequences.

Now the ‘new’ format is a collection of timeless video, audio and written stories which pet lovers can watch on their computers or iPad, iPhones or Android devices and replay at their leisure.

As Brian says “It’s totally free – and we’d love everyone who watches our stories to share our link with their friends and suggest they ‘tune in’ 24/7 via the 'net so that we can continue to bring the very BEST information from the very BEST experts in their fields and make it fun and easy to care for our pets.”

UPDATE:  Since mid Feb 2016 the duo have created VETtalk.BIZ - an open learning channel of podcasts and articles to help veterinary practices do better by understanding business basic and communication skills.

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