How would you feel if you could easily turn your current clients plus potential clients into loyal, lifetime clients…as quickly and easily as you sort out their pet’s problems?

Vet Practice Marketing Made EasyThat was the seemingly impossible target set for 50+ Vets and Practice owners from across Australia who attended a 3-day workshop in Sydney as part of a 6 month course on ‘Marketing Made Easy’.

How’d they go? VETtalkTV’s Kaye Browne was invited along to find out first-hand and spoke with both attendees and course creator, Dr Diederik Gelderman from Turbo Charge Your Practice.

Note re audio quality!
With such a noisy location we had to do some serious 'filtering' of the background noise for some chats - the result being some may sound a bit like 'darleks' but at least we removed the bulk of the noise and kept the chat - hope you don't mind :-)


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