aka… the 'Valentine Charlton Feline Conference' - When a cat has cardiac disease or renal disease, what’s the best management for them? That question and many other controversial topics will be ‘debated’ later in June.

Valentine Charlton Feline Conference 2016That's when the top feline specialists from across Australia and Internationally get together in Melbourne for the annual Valentine Charlton Feline Conference.

Dr Kath BriscoeThe 4 day event covering such things as infectious diseases, immunology, cardiology, neurology and mycobacterial diseases of cats culminates with an interactive Master-class led by three key speakers including well-known feline specialist Dr Kath Briscoe who believes this year’s event will be the most enlightening yet with delegates tackling topics such as the impact of urbanisation, closer human-feline bonds and resulting earlier diagnosis of problems with fur children requiring speedy attention…


More information and bookings:
Conference - Mon 20 - Thu 23 June 2016
Masterclass - Friday 24 June, 2016



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