Every year the same cry is heard from small business owners..."Why am I paying so much tax?"... "How can I have more super"?.
As small business owners ourselves we too wanted answers to these questions and more...

101 Ways To Save Tax LegallyWhich is why we sent out the detector dogs and tracked down Adrian Raftery - aka 'Mr Taxman' to help answer just a few of the many questions we all have more often than not every year right after the June 30 deadline!

After listening to this podcast you'll be prepared for the next EOFY with things like...
* How to legally get 'free $'s' with your Super contributions 
* How to keep track of travel & car expenses in less than 60 seconds
* Learn about the new ATO 'app' makes tracking expenses & travel even easier
* Tax benefits from all those hours spent doing paperwork 'after hours at home'
* What to look for in an accountant

An insight into Adrian's very popular book for small business owners...
"101 Ways To Save Money On Your Tax - Legally!" 


This story brought to you by...
Mr Taxman

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